Sam Randazzo Resigned

Governor Mike DeWine is preparing to choose a new PUCO Commissioner, and Ohioans
are watching!

   It is time to bring a new perspective to the PUCO. We need an individual who puts a focus on protecting the consumer rather than protecting the profits of Ohio utilities. The new PUCO Commissioner should be dedicated to increasing equity, fairness, and access to services at the community level at a time when corruption has been winning the day in Ohio. 

Ohioans are demanding a commissioner:

    • With a history of integrity without the risk of even the appearance of impropriety
    • With a history of working within the community and embracing justice
    • With a plan to demand transparency from regulated utilities
    • With an understanding of energy trends and clean energy development opportunities
    • With no current or previous connections to regulated utilities
    • With no background of lobbying for or having financial ties to utility companies

  Ohioans deserve better than what we got with Sam Randazzo. We deserve an energy policy that is not clouded by corruption and lies. We deserve a PUCO Chairman that is free from current or past ties to regulated utilities. And we will be watching

  The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Nominating Council has sent Governor DeWine the names of the final four recommendations to replace Sam Randazzo on the PUCO. The Governor now has a choice before him: continue to stack the Commission with those tied to utility companies or provide a fresh start for the PUCO.

  Prior to working as a policy director for Governor DeWine on energy issues, Anne Vogel spent 12 years lobbying for American Electric Power and according to her July 2020 Ohio Ethics Commission Financial Disclosure Statement, currently holds nearly $100,000 in AEP stock and an undisclosed amount of stock in FirstEnergy Corporation. Do we really need a PUCO Commissioner with a financial interest in more than one regulated Ohio utility?

  The Governor should consider it his ethical obligation to select a candidate with a history of integrity, a plan to demand transparency from regulated utilities, and most importantly, the new PUCO Commissioner must have no current or prior connections to Ohio’s regulated utilities, including employment, financial ties or a lobbying history.

  We deserve an energy policy that is not clouded by corruption and lies. Ohioans are watching you, Governor DeWine—choose wisely this time!

Randazzo’s Greatest Hits

Send a letter to Governor DeWine telling him Ohio deserves better. He needs to choose wisely this time!